Since beginning their collaboration, photographers Ning Kai (b. 1987, China) and Sabrina Scarpa (b. 1991, the Netherlands) have been in constant pursuit of beauty. Partners in work and life, their artistic mission has become to portray the land between them.

From east to west, they seek places that bring them closer to nature to capture and convey the poetry and harmony they witness therein. Bridging the spiritual and the mundane, they explore the essence and energy of the natural world, creating meditations on the fleeting seasons of life. Through the technique of mixed media, their hand-printed images seek to individualise the photographic print as a unique object. Without indications of location, their work questions our assumptions of time and place. In doing so, they wish to reveal the continuity between the particular and the universal, matter and spirit.

“The works we dropped along our wanderings mark our footsteps towards an earthly paradise, which allows us to blur boundaries between culture and space to find moments of revelation, intimacy, and clarity.”

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