Human Softness is my first personal photo series that is more about people than objects. Following my previous project about finding one’s inner home, this work goes further and reflects on questions of intimacy, fears, love and the fragility of the human body.

The idea of this series had been on my mind for years, yet something was always missing. It took me a long time to find myself and the people – my closest friend and my partner – who would feel comfortable to be photographed in this intimate way.

Human Softness is a story about opening up to another person and letting them see you in the real way. The photos are mostly closeups of the body, face turned away from the camera, as if the viewer was cautious not to hurt the other with their gaze, but to grasp the fragments, putting them into a sort of a jigsaw puzzle. This body of work is an attempt to document the process of exposing and exploring, feeling vulnerable and keeping one’s boundaries before another person’s eyes.


Ksenia Mikhailova (b.1988) is a self-taught Russian artist and photographer who is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She works mainly with still life, creating sculptures from objects of the everyday. With her recent work she has been exploring other genres of photography, still keeping the focus on the quotidian.

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