I could feel his voice filling the space between our bodies" by Yoko Ogawa (“The Memory Police”); this quote was used as a starting point for these images. The novel depicts a world where an unknown force causes people to forget things and lose attachment to objects and concepts, one after another. People slowly become “hollow”, although some are exempt from this fate and are obliged to go into hiding.

Represented is a personal translation of the physicality of the senses, the absurd, the exaggeration, noise and stillness within, an urgency or slight desperation sometimes lingers between. The searching gaze in the present and the staged photo, which stylistically accentuates everyday observations, are in the foreground of the series, combining narrative traits with images on the threshold of abstraction, the two poles forming a unity. These scenes resemble the sentiment of losing something or trying to hold on, to an emotion, a smell, a person, a memory.

Humorous and bizarre aspects repeatedly meet disturbing or disconcerting visual worlds. The unusual corresponds with the banal and a feeling for reality and existence becomes tangible, sometimes scraping on the theory of absurdism.


Audio-visual artist currently based in Leipzig.
2006 BFA (Voorheen Audio Visueel) Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam.

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