Aimez-vous l‘orage ? is a fragmentary silent story that explores the notions of exile, corporeality and powerlessness. I try to interrogate memory disorders and emptiness in a palpable approach, to find out how vulnerability can become visible. The thunderstorm suggests both the uproar it generates and the silence that follows it. The stories of Herminio and Eliyas; their exiles, in two different temporalities, were bound by the stories they told to me. Far from documentary, my work is established with images dedicated to them. In suspense, until the thunder is heard, the sky stays
unclear. In between, the body collides with a closed environment, projects itself into a space where everything seems fixed and waits for the final upheaval.

The photographs that compose this visual story come from the tension of my own body in space as well as from mental projections in bodies other than mine, I wanted to feel the impotence in a bodily way after having feeled it psychologically. I am attached to organic landscapes, fragments of lives and decontextualized places that allow me to display mysterious temporal spaces and enigmatic stories. Often emotion takes precedence over reality.

What is told about the exile by H. and E. is sensitive. Their long wait makes them lose ground. H. wrote : I don’t know if I’m a pole, a man or a stone. Because they both want to get out of their condition my project is not about telling their personal stories. The projection outside the real allows them to survive. They never dwell on what has already been, what matters is what is still possible. I choose to translate their projections by images which are paying tribute to them by amplifying the vulnerable part of their status. It’s not about them but for them.

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